Russ robinson


2019 - Present


Working at Godaddy for about 3 years, I realized that there were loads of people that needed help with their WordPress Websites, Hosting, SSL, and the list goes on. I wanted to find people to help. I also wanted to just build websites. After repeadted attempts to move to the dev depart, and being denied. I went out on my own. Then I found BizIQ.

2016 - 2019


I worked extensively with WordPress. I helped clients change plugins, troubleshoot the white screen of death, fixed security issues. Pretty much everything you can think of I did. 

2015- 2016

Verizon Wireless

This was a tech support job, where I troubleshot all wireless devices. I also sold products such as security and new devices. Very customer service oriented. 

About Me

I was born in Boston, and grew up in Alaska. I discovered my passion for technology at a young age. When I moved to Phoenix, I started college, and I began my journey to where I am right now. I have a growing passion for WordPress, and designing websites.



University of Phoenix - Information Technology


CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA Network+ Certification


WordPress 90%
SEO 71%
JavaScript 40%
Html & CSS 73%


Herschel Beard

(480) 677 0122

Laurie Barnett

(480) 628 8626

Mike McDowell

(480) 221 8981

Ted Wheeler

(832) 656 5680

Here are a few websites I've created